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    Men's & Ladies Full 7 Day Membership

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    FULL Standard 7-Day Membership - £1520

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    5-day Membership Monday to Friday - £1050

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    Junior Membership Fees
    14 years and under FREE

    15-18 years - £50
    19-20 Years - £210
    21-25 Years - £475
    26-30 Years - £780
    31-35 years £1050

    Colts over 18 years of age have full membership rights.
    Colts can also represent the club in team matches.

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    Lifestyle Membership
    A Lifestyle member receives a golf membership card containing golf credits. The card is topped up with 600 credits with the first annual payment of £625. When a member plays a number of credits are deducted according to the time of day and day of the week. Members running low on credits can top-up in the membership year at £200 for 200 extra credits and keep on playing!

    Lifestyle members are entitled to a 10% discount on drinks and food.
    Does it provide a handicap?
    Yes, you will be affiliated with England Golf and able to get a certified handicap.
    Do I have to have a handicap?
    No. But you will need a handicap if you wish to play in competitions or represent the club.

    Can I play in competitions?
    With a handicap you may play in our regular weekend and mid-week club medals, stableford, and roll-ups. Playing credits will apply as usual and, as for all members, a small entry/ prize fee is payable!
    Certain competitions may only be available to Full members. Lifestyle Members can play but may not be eligible to win all sections. Hopefully the option of upgrading to Full Membership will help if this ever becomes an issue.

    Can I represent the club in competitions/team events?
    Yes. We welcome the opportunity for you to join in!

    Can my golf credits be used for food and drink?
    No, playing credits may only be used for Golf.

    How do I book a tee time?
    Book online (log in details will be supplied). You may book 14 days in advance. This gives priority over the general public who can book 10 days in advance

    Can I just turn up and play?
    Yes, but we would recommend booking with the Pro Shop in advance. Whether or not you have booked in advance we ask that you always check in with the Pro Shop (or bar, if closed) before you commence play to ensure that you are registered and your account can be debited. Playing without being booked onto the system can lead to loss of membership.

    How do I know my credit balance?
    This is managed by our Pro-shop team (which is why it is essential that you report to the Pro Shop every time you play).

    Do I get a refund if I get rained off?
    Yes – if the course is closed you get a refund if you’ve booked

    What if I book but don’t play?
    If you have booked but are unable to play you must always cancel via the Pro Shop 3 hours before your tee time. Otherwise your account will be debited.

    Can I add additional credits?
    You may purchase an additional block of 200 credits for £200, once in your membership year.

    Will I have a membership bag tag?
    Yes. This should always be attached to your Golf bag.

    Can I sign in a guest?
    Yes. Depending on how many playing credits are used. This is converted to pounds, so a round costing you 20 playing credits, will equate to £20 for your guest fee.

    Is there a limit to the number of guests I may sign in?
    Yes, a maximum of 3 guests at any one time who must play with you. These guests benefit from reduced guest green fees, which must be paid for separately (playing credits cannot be used). This is in line with club policy applying to all members, no guest may benefit from guest rates more than 6 times a year (irrespective of whether they are signed in by different members).

    What if I have unused credits at the end of 12 months?
    There is no rebate available; however, a maximum of £50 is available against Lifestyle membership for the following year. Alternatively, any unused credits may be rebated against a 12-month Full 7-day Membership.

    Will I be able to attend social events bringing family and friends?
    Yes, of course.

    How long is the affiliation for?
    Membership is for one year from date of joining.

    I didn’t play at all; can I carry forward all 600 credits to next year?
    Generally not, under exceptional conditions such as ill health, the Club may decide to make exceptions. The Club’s decision in these matters is final.

    Are there any times that I will not be able to play?
    There will be occasional restrictions impacting on all members when the course is closed for an event or external competitions or due to extreme weather conditions.

    What is my membership Status?
    Lifestyle members are obligated by the same rules as other members and are bound and governed by the rules of WMGC, any major infraction could see expulsion from the Club.

    Do I receive reciprocal arrangements with other clubs?
    Your membership includes affiliation with England Golf; you receive a handicap and a Middlesex County Card, allowing discounted golf at 1300 courses nationwide.

    How do I actually join?
    Please contact the club on 020-8574-3450 and speak to the office (option 1) or the Pro Shop (option 3) for more information and an application form.
    We look forward to welcoming you to the West Middlesex Golf Club soon!

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